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An Adult Bedtime Story About The Land Of EVER

Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

” Michael, would you tuck me in and tell me a bedtime story”
” Don’t you think you are a little old for that?”
” Not really, I don’t think your ever too old for that, do you? ”
” I suppose not. OK, I’ll do that but you will have to tuck yourself in OK? ”
” Oh all right… OK ”
” Well the story I am going to tell you is about YOU and who you really are,
and where you really came from….See before you came to this earth you lived
another time on another place called EVER. It is known as the perfect place,
at least it was. It is on another demention one we cannot see…

Now when you were born there, your mother was its queen,
and when she brought you into that perfect place, she became
very jealous of you, because she saw you were born with a sacred star
on your left hand, and this meant that you would be the most beautiful
woman that would be, and so she separated herself from you because
of that.

Now as you grew into a teenager you were all of that, you were grand
so perfect and so humble. You also met your perfect opposite there,
who also had a sacred star on the palm of his hand, on its right.
You both were so happy so complete while being together, and all the inhabitants
felt that too…It was all so wonderful….

The queen your mother, just couldn’t stand all the adoration you both
were receiving. So she went in front of the council of light and made up
false charges against you both, and had you both banished from EVER
and sent to what they called THE LOWLY PLACE, EARTH!

Being born here your memory of it was also taken away, and in its place
this feeling of something missing, as it is with all Earth’s
inhabitants to this very day….But that feeling came down from EVER
because it was such a perfect place and you were with your perfect opposite.

Well, I think you might remember this, when you were younger, you were
sitting looking out into the distance feeling that feeling of missing, which
keeps us with a feeling of loneliness, when off to your right was another
like you, who seemed to be looking out with that same feeling. When you
both turned to each other, and for one brief moment you both felt a completeness
that up til that time had not been felt before. And even though you both
didn’t talk and went your separate ways, that connection was made.

Now when you were banished THE ONE WHO STANDS ABOVE US ALL
allowed the queen to have her way because it wasn’t to be interfered
with, however, guides were sent with you to make sure certain timely
events would take place in your life during your search for reasons
of being here, and that emptiness you were feeling, and So that meeting with that boy.

Back on EVER there was a discontent since your banishment and even
your mother felt this too, and she knew she had made a mistake
because of what til then was never known PRIDE….And yes she wished for
you both to return but the time was not in her control, and so a lesson of
PATIENCE came into being on EVER.

But your guides do have a plan and one day a Crow will come to your door,
And will have pine needles in its beak, and you will just know it is time to
go back to that place where you first met that boy and felt complete.
A Crow will also come to his door and he also intuitively will know as well.
And when there you will come together and upon shaking hands will notice
each others STAR, and with that all your memories of your past will be

revealed because a beautiful snake who is the keeper of all past lives will be there
to reveal this to you and then you will know, BUT, you both will have to live out this life
here on the lowly place, and to share all you both will learn and to bring this back
to your rightful home of EVER, and when you both do, EVER’S people will
and your mother the queen will celebrate, and everyone will feel a wholeness
Again….And be wiser for it……The End.”…..

” No please, tell me more”….” All right, but this is it”

” Well now you know who you really are, a true princess with a very special mission
who will be reunited with her prince and will live happily EVER after….
Now Please go to sleep….And dream your dream….Goodnight.” ” Goodnight Michael,
and thank you soooo much….I love you for that.” ” And I love you too,”

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Two To One

Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

You brought me bread, and fed me with YOU,
Open and ready to explore.
Your hands soft woke in mine, a light that flickered
Pulsating time.

Your needs and wants poured from your heart
Quenching a thirst I already knew.
And the wheel our last, meant no turning back
While compassion for others, stays true.

It’s a mystical dance of self forgetting, losing oneself
As one’s own.
Taking a chance for something much greater
And up till now together unknown.

Hoping to enter that sea of silence, and there
Together be shown, through rapture and bliss
And THAT which is this, to know we’ve finally
Reached HOME, where no I, but just, free to roam.

Like an irish stream running on, bringing with it
An Irish song.

Like birds chirping glad of spring, a Sunday mass
Nature sings.

Like Bridget’s flower pocking through a green garden
Where she grew.

Like, this quiet road, she is there, free to roam
Everywhere! Because; she’s HOME!

Before Moving On…The Still

Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

AH! the glitter in the sea
And, waves-no, ripples mating with shore.
Quiet and lazy with the tide now in.
Sea diamonds sparkling from a brilliant sun
Between clouds as lazy as this noon by one.

Like a woman who needs to get away
Not being part of a bigger conversation
Connecting within again as now she reflects
As with sparkling eyes hiding secrets yet to be tried.

A pastoral landscape across this bay
Where fields mark a long ago day
In a canvas of green here and there
A patchwork dobbing the hill
And so this picture in the quiet the still
Peaceful and calm, before; moving on…

When Alone Again

Copyright 2012 DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

When you were gone and I was left alone
I was faced with feelings I was shown
At first they made me lonely thinking all the time
Until I saw thinking was only in my mind.

I’ve made this trip before and didn’t know the score
No more no more
My heart is just a token a station free and open
Secure secure

No one can make me happy no one can make me sad
A crowd or not it’s only thoughts passing as they had
And so this moment as I write feeling it in song
It doesn’t matter what I had I let it all move on.


(‘Cause the bells they are ringing there’s a breeze blowing in
There’s a curtain that is moving near the chair I’m sitting in
Feeling like I’m going feeling taken in heading torwards freedom
Carried by the wind.)

This love I feel I know is mine it’s here inside it’s there to find
And as I give as did then it still remains in me if when alone again