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Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

It is here, it is now
It is this, we’re endowed.
Always now, for real forever
Can we be, there both together.

Can we spend, it doing real
Time in every, moment feel
To be, there in it’s presence
Sharing in, what is its essence.

Can we face, what’s there to see
With all humility
Reserved, for you and me
With our souls, that long to be.

No past to bring along
Just what is, will be our song

Pressing lips each time to kiss
That unknown, that’s surley bliss.

Can we have, this conversation

About what is, not what is not
For what is, is revelation
It’s not something, we have sought.

Reactions they just hide
What we hold, so deep inside
For reactions they desguise
What is only, our false pride.

There’s no moment, to be held
Just a consciousness, to dwell
Can we be, there you and I
We won’t know, unless we try
To be; Here.