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Paint Me Abstract

Copyright 2013, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

Paint me abstract
Let my body be your canvas
Paint me your colors
Paint me, You!

Let the colors
Run like a wet kiss
Each exposing themselves
And, free to just, be!
Color me, you!

Let me feel
Your signature
Let my skin absorb
Staining through, reaching in
Let your palette, hold the true.

Let your brush
Dip into your mystery
Let your pigment
Mix with your paints
Let your dance heat the fire
Bonding it forever
To that which it then, belongs
Paint me abstract
Paint me true
Color me; You…

You Are So So So Beautiful

Copyright 2013, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.
Jesus, Mohammed, Buddhas, Shivas, and Marys

You are so so so beautiful
It wraps around me
Like shear indigo
I walk with it, I talk with it
I sleep with it.
Each breath I inhale is it
It fills me everywhere
It is without lie….Just is
It is there when I am with another
Not as a distraction, just as a part of me
Like a breeze that caresses me to feel
Like flowers when touched, and one and the
Other are the same.
And this, as I am brought along in the belly
Of the whale, in this life size body, yet, a new
Embryo as I travel blind inside waiting for this
Next birth….And that because YOU, are
So So So Beautiful….

Five Wedding Dresses

Copyright 2013, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

Five wedding dresses
She had on hand.
Just in case she
Met her man.

Waited with patience
As a hunter with gun.
But the years past
And he didn’t come.

She’s the cutest lass
You ever did see,
Independent and bold
Yet warm as can be.

She gave four away
Thinking she done.
But just in case
Kept the one.

Now the four lucky ladies
Will have their dress
To walk down the Isle
And those to impress.

But none will be
Like the dress she kept.
The Fairies own
You might have guessed.

For the dress she kept
Will light up the dark.
It is the dress that
Has the spark

Igniting each star
That comes with night
When mating with love
When love is right.

Five wedding dresses
But there’s only one
That lights up the stars
The fairies begun.

And this day will come
It’s not far away,
For stars must shine
At the end of the day,

So be sure this lass,
Will have her mate
It’s written in stars
And never; too late…

Without Walls

Copyright 2013, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

She reads me a poem
I could have written.
Finally; to meet the missing!
Arian, a green eyed Goddess
With her spontaneous nature
There is no doubt, no walls
Just holes, seen, looking out.
I love you, I love you
Her body shouts, her soul being
All about.
Then tears of a past
Rain on day, letting go, of offspring
Lifetimes away.
Her taste is of Iris, this she knows
That comes from her Mystery
Where life first grows.
Totally enlightened, free without care
Just being herself, no matter who’s there.
I wear her jeans, ones she wore
Three months with baby, that left
This shore.
She talks about her orgasms
This word floats…flows from her lips
As easy as, and free as, one might about
The days weather, and; at the same time
The new love in her life.
The spine of her back awakens, exciting parallel
Universes, born from stars. Its forces matched,
As does the dust that settled, is again given new life,
Through fingers, and lips, and tongue, and;
That place of Mystery, reaching out, reaching in.
As she waits for the right seed, and her baby’s ; Return.