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The Whale

Copyright 2014, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

The cutting of two cords

I could not see what would unfold
And sad I felt its wake.
And so it is this story told
And one I could not fake.

It started in a dream one night
When slipped inside this whale
I didn’t know the meaning of
For dark I was to sail.

A year went by it seemed to fly
Till one day I could see
I came outside without the fire
That had its hold on me.

Now, the whale is dead after being fed
A mother she had been
And glad I am for her care
And carrying me again.

And now I’m back on dry land
Trying to understand
A place where I have never been
Alone where I must stand.

The fires out, the waves are gone
And don’t know if I can
But something’s changed without the flame
And just beginning to know;
This man.

A Waiting Star

Copyright 2014, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

There’s a lost star in the Milky Way
Its light so faint, no one knows it’s there.
Still waiting to be found
waiting for the one to care.

” Come for me, before my light dies
Let me know you’re there, in this beautiful Night sky.
let me see it in your eyes, when tears do not lie
Let me shine one last time, with new light from you to I. ”

And the music plays and the song is sung
And hope is felt there being one.
And you feel the pride, when God just cries
And you know that love is still alive
In its perfect song.

Now from Allihies:
As when the ocean meets the shore
And the mountains stand before
And the music distant brings
The heart that wants to sing.

As when the sun the day appears
Without wind to interfere.
And what ever comes to pass
It’s over with at last, when storm
Did take its toll, that nature could not hold
And where today the sun is shining
Where the coppers did their mining
And you thank the ego’s form
And what ever had gone wrong
For this time meant to be here
When time again it’s made clear
When sea and shore are drawn near
With whispering in forms ear.

“So, you said you were a little star
Among the very many
But through my eyes your light by far
Out shines each one by plenty.
You were the light that flickerd
Whenever I lost hope,
You gave to me this memory to keep
So I could cope, to cope with all the trials
Especially when down, and I know when I feel that way
Your light will be around. You said you were a little star
Among the very many. But through my eyes your light
By far, is more the bright of any!”