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Alone With You

Copyright, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

Alone with you, that’s where I am
Like a shadow standing still
Taking it all in
Feeling you completely
Feeling that I can.

Distance plays with my heart strings
Feeling what this heart brings
Opening where music sings
Your name now in everything.

And today tomorrow will sing this song
For knowing where it all belongs
Where it makes my heart strong
Staying with, for what I long.

And when that word comes to pass
Entering thoughts when long at last
THAT LOVE, will have its way
As it does this very day.

When two enter into ONE
When what is said has truly come
That is when the sun will shine
Through these eyes of yours when mine
And THAT LOVE finally true, eyes will be;
Alone with YOU.

I Kiss You

Copyright DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

I kiss you
the night
and again
in the light
And carry you
making my way.

You that I feel
in my heart
that is real
and the mind
that gives it
its say.

As we journey to peaks
that have yet been explored
(that mystical mountain insured)
when the veil will be torn
and the Soul will adorn
when the two become ONE
and reborn.