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Then and Now

Copyright 2016, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

1916 Easter Up Rising

There’s a part of me
That shares a part of you
You who stands up for freedom
Now in this 1916 review.

There is a monument that stands
In Castletownbere
Honoring those who stood up
For self- determination

One Ireland free as the Wind
That shapes the land
And all those within
One Ireland not separate
No doubt, just One Ireland
Within and without.

The world was at war
The royals at play
Their manifest destiny
Having its way
As it did to Ireland
As it does to this day.
Without the will of the people
The Irish, their say.

Remember the lads, who
Were left to die
And the mothers who bore them
Were all left to cry
When a hunger strike, while imprisoned
Did take, and a cold heart with teat
The lads she forsake d?

My mother a Boland
Her father was John
Shed many a tear
For their sacrifice wronged
But freedom is still, a spirit
That must, and cannot be killed
As in God that we trust,
And that Easter UP Rising
That was; just for us!