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Between the Lines

Copyright 2017, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

Between the lines
The shepherd keeps
The lighthouse on
Those deadly reefs.

Between the lines
Before the speech
Before the tide
Makes its retreat.

Between the lines
Where truth resides
Are all the flaws
That cannot hide.

Between the lines
The heroes wait
Before the edit
Makes lines all straight.

Between the lines
Before the vetting
Before the polish
Before the netting.

Between the lines
The salt that shakes
Between the faults
The earth it shakes.

Between the lines
Where thoughts take place
To our chagrin,
To our disgrace,

In the lines
There’s one inept
An Ego filled
We can’t forget!

So protest those
Whose lines inflame
Of which I know
I need not name
Between these lines
_ _ _ _ _ .