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My Little Miss Heidi

Copyright 2018, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

And so, snow falls
In silent splendor
As thoughts themselves
Thinking of you

A storm descending
While apprehending
A love that’s felt
Now coming on through

Yes, all is falling
As in this calling
Seeing my feelings
Residing there true

Like this snow
That’s covering
As I am discovering
Feelings I have, long over due

Tomorrow waits
In what we can measure
A snow cave, or lodge
All hidden with treasure

But now it is
This moments end
Like the child in snow
Is born once again

To be renewed
With wonder and when
That mystical way
In truth that transcends

And in that innocence
There is the unknown
And love is the path
For those peaks to be shown

Together we are
As sails on a mast
Where love and friendship
Forever will last

Through even storms
With drift of snow
We will both be there
It is THIS…I know…

Miss Heidi, My Star

Copyright 2018, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

Your heart is the stronger
From the tests in your time
Your fate and compassion
Comes out in your rhyme

You are the one
And only a dream
For no one can have you
At least so it seems

But that is okay
For all have their place
Like desire and feelings
It’s with you they can trace

I love you for letting me
Share in your tears
And in that place
Where we hide all our fears

So, go on being
The you that you are
For you’re there in my heart
Miss Heidi…My Star….