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Arrows Under Feet

Copyright 2013, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

It’s you and I, and I and you
We’re more than one
More than a few
Doing things we need to do
Sharing gifts God gave us to.

There are some, blind to this tie
Seeing one thing, in their eyes
Profiting, while others die
Failing to, realize.

There are arrows under feet
With blood and bones, buried deep
So that we, could all survive
Like the bees, protecting hives.

Dry is the bone, but marrow holds
Richer still, than all the gold
Water water, it’s in our care
For all who thirst, with all to share.

It’s not just to bottle, draining reserves
Leaving communities, with none to serve
Not just to bottle, while those despair
By draining off, what God put there.

So, there’s a spring I want to sing
Providing life, in everything
Connecting us, all under foot
With each step, where one is put.

It’s you and I, and I and you
We’re more than one,
More than a few
Doing things, we need to do
Sharing what, God gave us to.

So hear this song, and let it spring
Listen to, its offering, water water
It’s in our care, not to hold
But here to share.
When there is thirst, let it flow
Free the rains, for all below
It is this, that makes us so
Free our waters, for all to know.

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