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The Prom

Copyright 2016, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

No greater is that time when done
With high school close, and so its run
With prom and date, and both still young
With memories made this May as one.

This is the best of times insured
No matter what, this day is YOURS
For youth you have to be explored
As with this moon and stars with chord.

For all that’s past will hold its light
To shine with time its distance might
Remembering what your dance was like
When time reflects this special night….

For time will settle on its own
Your path revealed and will be shown
This your night will come to last
And always will this prom ; when past….

The Dream

Copyright, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

I need a dream and right now that dream is you.
Life takes life makes, rainbows in the dew.
Asleep we wake and then we take
The dream to make come true.
And right now that dream awake, is one I have
Of you.

I can’t respond as I did when
But what I have is patience (That’s a laugh)
And a dream that just won’t end.
I’ve been alone a long long time
Except for now and then
And so it is that I can see
Why I now just pretend.

To much of anything makes nothing special
Something we can feel….make real.
Like that dream that comes like a shooting star
And now and then, there you are. And grateful I am
With my whole being alive!
As when sun spots, and dragonflys.
See, everybody loses in the end
No matter what you do, or where you’ve been.
A chill here and there, love like that
Stays right here.

That day comes when you’re alone
Before that last breath you thought you owned.
But then it comes and you are gone
With all you had now burried with the bones.

Illusion is the soul mate, waiting.
Tricks of the mind that we draw.
Just isn’t real, that’s the score.
Just something seen in the minds eye
But in the end it too, will die.

The time will come when all is gone
There’s nothing left to carry on
Just another thought where and when
‘Cause everybody loses in the end
Like this dream I have for you;
I drew.

The Butterfly

Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

I had my eye on you
What else could my eye do
Than look at you.
You said: You looked at me.
What was it, we did see
Was it our destiny, or was it
Seeing something free.
Our past brought us here
Getting through the fear
And now; we look, we touch,
We feel. We kiss, we love, we heal.
We take, we give with life we live,
Knowing what is real; this seal.
And the music now begins
Forever with the wind.
Taking love within, sharing
Where it’s been.
Whether dusty plains
Or fields rich with grains
Without love restrained
Love falls like rain.

And the eye will show the heart
Together not apart, and play
Its sweeter sound, once more for
What it’s found.
And as day will turn to night
As night will to day
As words that have their right
When something they to say.
It’s more than just a mystery
When two they come to meet
For when the fruit is ripe
One must stop and eat.
You brought the fruit out in me
With words now set free
And that my friend was no mistake
It was destiny.
And there inside where dreams are kept
Just waiting to come out
Will again when love is felt
To overcome the doubt.
For love is love no matter what
Love cannot be told
It just is but also more
When two THAT love
Both hold…


Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.
To Kony, a song for you!
We sing this song for you Kony
We sing this song for you!
We sing this song for you Kony
A song long over due.You’re on the charts, you’re on the board
You are the one for this score

You are the man, man of the year

Your face is out, the world appears.There was Hitler, Attila The Hun
But Kony now you’re number ONE
We,ve got your name we’ll give it fame
Killing children like they were game.

You suffered the children, you gave them guns
To Kill their own now you must run.
You built upon what others fear
And now you are MAN OF THE YEAR.

And so it is we can say ” KONY KONY
Your name it will be famous your face will be in lights
The world will know just who you are
What brought you to such heights.

We hear the children’s screams their tears are in our dreams
Your face now on the screen and what your name it means.

We hear the children screaming Kony their tears from shore to grave
The suffering and the lost Kony with fears the road you paved.

We sing this song for you Kony, we sing this song for YOU

We sing this song for you Kony and all was done by YOU!

We sing….

With Peace and love for all…..



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Before Moving On…The Still

Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

AH! the glitter in the sea
And, waves-no, ripples mating with shore.
Quiet and lazy with the tide now in.
Sea diamonds sparkling from a brilliant sun
Between clouds as lazy as this noon by one.

Like a woman who needs to get away
Not being part of a bigger conversation
Connecting within again as now she reflects
As with sparkling eyes hiding secrets yet to be tried.

A pastoral landscape across this bay
Where fields mark a long ago day
In a canvas of green here and there
A patchwork dobbing the hill
And so this picture in the quiet the still
Peaceful and calm, before; moving on…

When Alone Again

Copyright 2012 DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

When you were gone and I was left alone
I was faced with feelings I was shown
At first they made me lonely thinking all the time
Until I saw thinking was only in my mind.

I’ve made this trip before and didn’t know the score
No more no more
My heart is just a token a station free and open
Secure secure

No one can make me happy no one can make me sad
A crowd or not it’s only thoughts passing as they had
And so this moment as I write feeling it in song
It doesn’t matter what I had I let it all move on.


(‘Cause the bells they are ringing there’s a breeze blowing in
There’s a curtain that is moving near the chair I’m sitting in
Feeling like I’m going feeling taken in heading torwards freedom
Carried by the wind.)

This love I feel I know is mine it’s here inside it’s there to find
And as I give as did then it still remains in me if when alone again

The Soul Mate

Kaie in Ireland

Kaie in Ireland

Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

A Love Story Is A Moment That Captures Time
Now, Yours And Mine…
The Soul Mate.

Her profile in poetry…

She scrubs herself with coffee grounds
Her skin smooth as the flute is with sounds
Her hair one stops when it is let down
Her dress, she’s a gypsy freedom’s her gown.

The smell of morning with its first light
When earth’s perfume is there at its height
Like the scent of a lily when May has the right
These are her favourites their essence, Her quite.

Her passion are pictures she has the eye
For what she sees are scenes that hide
Her thoughts are clear refined as with glass
Playful sincere she’s a lady with class.

Her body is perfect as perfection will have
She is desire love’s most potent salve
Her colours are rainbow all have their place
One to the other she honours with grace.

Her looks are familiar as the soul is to fire
She needs nobody she walks someplace higher
The earth is her home and free to roam
She is its heart like that in this poem.

Her white horse waits on sand next to sea
It is her spirit pure and is free
Her lips hold a curious smile
She is a goddess Natures child.

She’s a mixture of all that’s ever been
Yet pure as light from where it begins
The love she wants has no doubt
It is everywhere when all about.

She’s sensitive fragile as a flower with frost
Yet strong as a seed in an apricot
She believes in destiny as with its fate
I know this is true, she is; my soul mate!

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Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved
Seagulls and Swans and fishing boats
Mudflats and moors together that cope.
Waiting the tide to turn and to float
Leaving the harbor with dreams filled with hope.
Here where mist and clouds fill the sky
Roads filled with curves and blind to the eye
Travelers make their way with each tide
Over again with sea birds that fly.
For here, the land ends, were it not for the wind
Carrying with it those memories of when.
And where the sheep now gather again
Between rock and hill, and the green of the glen.


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A Broken Circle

Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserv
Bitter is the soil beneath the feet
That holds the dam in order to complete
A journey that begun with loves deceit
Holding on like time that holds the peat.
A quiet passing in the still….A dream
Bent upon the couplet in its seams.
Worthy of a note that’s caught between
Only for a night Auden leans.
For there upon the hill stones they stand
A place no one really understands
The why of what they stand for….understood.
But there they circle broken, holding;
Gone for good…