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Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.
To Kony, a song for you!
We sing this song for you Kony
We sing this song for you!
We sing this song for you Kony
A song long over due.You’re on the charts, you’re on the board
You are the one for this score

You are the man, man of the year

Your face is out, the world appears.There was Hitler, Attila The Hun
But Kony now you’re number ONE
We,ve got your name we’ll give it fame
Killing children like they were game.

You suffered the children, you gave them guns
To Kill their own now you must run.
You built upon what others fear
And now you are MAN OF THE YEAR.

And so it is we can say ” KONY KONY
Your name it will be famous your face will be in lights
The world will know just who you are
What brought you to such heights.

We hear the children’s screams their tears are in our dreams
Your face now on the screen and what your name it means.

We hear the children screaming Kony their tears from shore to grave
The suffering and the lost Kony with fears the road you paved.

We sing this song for you Kony, we sing this song for YOU

We sing this song for you Kony and all was done by YOU!

We sing….

With Peace and love for all…..



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When Alone Again

Copyright 2012 DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

When you were gone and I was left alone
I was faced with feelings I was shown
At first they made me lonely thinking all the time
Until I saw thinking was only in my mind.

I’ve made this trip before and didn’t know the score
No more no more
My heart is just a token a station free and open
Secure secure

No one can make me happy no one can make me sad
A crowd or not it’s only thoughts passing as they had
And so this moment as I write feeling it in song
It doesn’t matter what I had I let it all move on.


(‘Cause the bells they are ringing there’s a breeze blowing in
There’s a curtain that is moving near the chair I’m sitting in
Feeling like I’m going feeling taken in heading torwards freedom
Carried by the wind.)

This love I feel I know is mine it’s here inside it’s there to find
And as I give as did then it still remains in me if when alone again