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Realities Dance

Copyright 2018, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

We danced the Eve
Christmas, that is
And then on
New years day

We danced with love
With arms that hugged
Hearts that had
Their way

And there it ends
This stories dance
When love just
Slipped away

Except the pain
That still remains
With memory of dance
That stays

I’m sad with loves
That love so right
With me

A love that filled
That empty place
The one that sets
One free

So, how could this
Have happened
With love that felt
So right

To see that dance
With a soul left
Dark in night

What brings two together
With signs all the same
With things that have
Such common place
Only to end it in flames

Is it where some spirits
Swallowing love by messing
With pride
Having meanness take
Its side

Or will its fate be more the true
Like a pair of ribbons tied
And one becomes the two

And so I write these tears now spent
Hoping to fill the poems intent
For here it is the gist of it
From one who now can see

It was more than a dance, realities dance
It was this dance with destiny

So here it is my hearts lament
Wishing you well where you are
For my life is full when alive with love
Little Miss Heidi the star
And my feelings are not:
Very far.

Together for Ireland

Copyright 2018, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

And the sea is around her
And the druids of past
This is Ireland
A history steadfast

The gulls are flying
Holding up air
The grasses the green
In eyes everywhere

And the cliffs they are holding
Like others it’s true
The past that is present
For all in full view

The lads and the women
The harp is their song
History playing
It’s here they belong

For they are the spark
For the fire they saved
Their song goes beyond
Which is held in their graves

For they are the wind
The clouds and the rain
For they are the Irish
The one and the same

The beat from the drum
Is the same in their hearts
The flute and the strings
They are all one in part

So listen to the music
And the spirits lament
Feel the pride the tears
Where lifetimes were spent

That say we are here
And here is where we stay
Together for Ireland
Whether at home, or
Far away.

My Little Miss Heidi

Copyright 2018, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

And so, snow falls
In silent splendor
As thoughts themselves
Thinking of you

A storm descending
While apprehending
A love that’s felt
Now coming on through

Yes, all is falling
As in this calling
Seeing my feelings
Residing there true

Like this snow
That’s covering
As I am discovering
Feelings I have, long over due

Tomorrow waits
In what we can measure
A snow cave, or lodge
All hidden with treasure

But now it is
This moments end
Like the child in snow
Is born once again

To be renewed
With wonder and when
That mystical way
In truth that transcends

And in that innocence
There is the unknown
And love is the path
For those peaks to be shown

Together we are
As sails on a mast
Where love and friendship
Forever will last

Through even storms
With drift of snow
We will both be there
It is THIS…I know…

Miss Heidi, My Star

Copyright 2018, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

Your heart is the stronger
From the tests in your time
Your fate and compassion
Comes out in your rhyme

You are the one
And only a dream
For no one can have you
At least so it seems

But that is okay
For all have their place
Like desire and feelings
It’s with you they can trace

I love you for letting me
Share in your tears
And in that place
Where we hide all our fears

So, go on being
The you that you are
For you’re there in my heart
Miss Heidi…My Star….


Copyright 2017, DC Bianchino All Rights Reserved.

The pen of past and present
Signatures dipped in bodies of ink
Power in its conceptions
With futures divided, or futures to link.

Black and white in departures
Wrong or right its receipt
Feeding the shadow of prophet
Or light when without its conceit.

Words they fuel our passions
Words that mark a face
Words that have a consequence
Words when leaving this space.

Sides like ribs that hold them
Just bones when stripped the same
Contracts that lead to re actions
And papers that set bones
To flames, when in; their names.

Lost in Pumpkins

Copyright 2017, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

Lost in pumpkins
Corn stalks and leaves
October shinning
That nature now grieves.
This too shall pass
Once more to retrieve
In a country where HOPE
Its SOUL; still believes.

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Heeding the Call

Copyright 2017, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

And shy I become, concerning others
Like a turtle that hides
Inside its shell
Afraid to be mistaken
For something else.

Still, this worth embraces me
Its character with hidden treasure
Inside it sees, and faith in that
Inter seeds
And allows me to be as I am, this turtle
Sharing its poetry.

Like this morning waiting for a persons call to come
(And not received) Instead another came
A day of the Poets like Pasternak
A day when the sun is shining, the sky a brilliant blue
Wind blowing through trees now speaking to me
And now to you.
Friendly fall colors, near their end
As trees Undress without shame. I don’t know their names
To me they’re all the same.

Their leaves spread on ground, mostly brown
Having served their time.

See, my hearts heavy, thinking of you. Not just you
But the you who might be reading this.
See the wind charged, blows these stately trees
Ridding them of yesterday, only to reveal
Field stone walls, and field of farm, and that’s not

For here there is what once was; now!
That which was broken, and with the howling of wind
Its voice has spoken. Shaking up what blocks ones vision
Sharing with us, what once was hidden,
Baring its soul in Leaves now ridden.

Ah! But dance they do with wind their last
Free from tree that was their mast,
With all now gone that was Their past,
Left in the poetry in shadows they cast
And a turtle exposing with words moving fast,
Heeding the call,
For us…All.

You and I

Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved. DC Bianchino

Sorrow and sadness
Are blood bothers and sisters
As joy and happiness
That stay together.

They live in life
So we can dream
And feel this world
That lives between.

Like pain and suffering
Hearts go through
As ecstasies high
And love will do.

With all these feelings
To be explored
And will be endured
In this world so alive
Through you and I
Where blood ties
All together, as one
Like threads make a rope
Stronger when done.

Hail Mary and Joseph

Copyright 2017, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

Hail Mary and Joseph
Full of Grace
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art though
Among parents
And blessed is the fruit
That came from Mary’s womb Jesus.
Holy Mary Mother Of Jesus
God’s only Son
Pray for us sinners
Now, and at the hour
Of our death; Amen.

Our Father who is everywhere
Holy you are, You who is THIS
And cannot otherwise be described.
Give us this day your Breath and wish
And make it as clear as one as challenged as I.
And forgive me my trespasses
As I do those who trespass against me.
And lead me not( which you never would )
Into temptation, but deliver me from myself
For YOUR’S is this kingdom the power and glory

OH my God, my heart gets so heavy
When I have offended thee
I detest my falling short
Because I dread the loss
Of peace of mind, which is
heaven itself.
I will continue to try
With the help of YOUR Grace
To amend these short comings

Poem For Steven, And Those Like Him

Copyright 2017, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

When your soul twists and turns
In the middle of the night
And star shoots across a black sky
Looking for a place to land
When reaching out to whats within
And wondering if wondering when.

When dry tears fall from withered eyes
And music is all you have that tells you why
And keeps a beat to what lies in your heart
To say where you’ve been and where you are.

Well you’re closer than you think
Nearer to what is not so far
Cause what you say your piano knows
Each key that shooting star
Landing in one’s ear that says it’s so
With gifts that flow and flow and flows

See, those keys know your name
You Are The Same…..Daniel