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A Fallen Angel, We Are All One of Them

Copyright 2017, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

Fallen Angels come to know
Just who they are.
It takes them time to see themselves,
It’s really, not so far.

But called by name
The story goes,
And always is the same
The blind shall SEE
Here once again
This angel, crowned that’s

Now, when weather strains passer by
Touching you, touching I
Beneath where all, live and die
Underneath this open sky

And once again before the turn
And once again when done
There are those storms
Where treasures lie
Like flowers finding; Sun.

So, touch and feel was said
There inside of you
Whether rabbi, priest
Or, religious geek
All, just share this too.
We see it every day in fact
When pride holds its view
This planet where the fallen are
Just look inside, it’s true.

We are all fallen angels
Escaping here and tried
But it’s not so bad when understanding
This Angel we can’t hide.

Whether Christians, or Islamic ones
Or those Subject to their faith
When blinded by self-righteousness
That’s pride we cannot shake
But events will surely come to pass
And a test to our surprise
That humbles one to fall on knee
No longer blinded by; ones eye.

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