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Five Wedding Dresses

Copyright 2013, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

Five wedding dresses
She had on hand.
Just in case she
Met her man.

Waited with patience
As a hunter with gun.
But the years past
And he didn’t come.

She’s the cutest lass
You ever did see,
Independent and bold
Yet warm as can be.

She gave four away
Thinking she done.
But just in case
Kept the one.

Now the four lucky ladies
Will have their dress
To walk down the Isle
And those to impress.

But none will be
Like the dress she kept.
The Fairies own
You might have guessed.

For the dress she kept
Will light up the dark.
It is the dress that
Has the spark

Igniting each star
That comes with night
When mating with love
When love is right.

Five wedding dresses
But there’s only one
That lights up the stars
The fairies begun.

And this day will come
It’s not far away,
For stars must shine
At the end of the day,

So be sure this lass,
Will have her mate
It’s written in stars
And never; too late…

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