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Hail Mary and Joseph

Copyright 2017, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

Hail Mary and Joseph
Full of Grace
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art though
Among parents
And blessed is the fruit
That came from Mary’s womb Jesus.
Holy Mary Mother Of Jesus
God’s only Son
Pray for us sinners
Now, and at the hour
Of our death; Amen.

Our Father who is everywhere
Holy you are, You who is THIS
And cannot otherwise be described.
Give us this day your Breath and wish
And make it as clear as one as challenged as I.
And forgive me my trespasses
As I do those who trespass against me.
And lead me not( which you never would )
Into temptation, but deliver me from myself
For YOUR’S is this kingdom the power and glory

OH my God, my heart gets so heavy
When I have offended thee
I detest my falling short
Because I dread the loss
Of peace of mind, which is
heaven itself.
I will continue to try
With the help of YOUR Grace
To amend these short comings

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