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I Walk With You

Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

I walk with you Leonard Cohen
Listening to your words
Identifying to your song
Love’s prayer is what I heard.

” Do what you’re doing
It’s important” she said
Words of my mother
I too was fed.

Pick up your cross
And bare its weight
Do it for others
This is your fate.

This day is cold
And my candles flicker
I wait on the muse
I wish it was quicker.

Out of the darkness
Again to surrender
When once again moved
To borrow from lender.

I walk with you Leonard Cohen
Listening to your words
Identifying to your song
Our prayer is what I heard.

It’s the Solstice another convergence
The end of an age for some
The newly ordained will know this
Renewing feelings, those feelings of one.

Jennifer, she is like us
I met her, in a thrift store
Something I wasn’t looking for
But there she was among us poor.

Behind her smile a flower child
A light in the mist, one pure
I wanted to kiss her tears inside
Behind that smile she couldn’t hide
I too have cried…I wanted to cure.

She’s tied down with mother hood
Lonely, and not understood
But I do, like Robin Hood
For there I stood

When simpler times in flowery fields
Feeling then, what is real
Making love and planting seeds
Freedom, in between the weeds.

She walks with us Leonard Cohen
Listening to our words
Identifying to this song
Love’s prayer is what she heard.

We stood in December rain
We talked about some things missing
Like the soul of this place
And inside that we faced
Renewing that one held dream.

” Let us kiss what we’ve been missing
Let our souls once more explore
Let us take this precious moment
And our love again restore.
It’s a dream that we are holding
Deep feelings from the core
Now awake before the leaving
And this love we’re living for”.

In this moment a feeling of wholeness
Like when something finds what we have lost
Like an afterthought.

She’s not religious, or self righteous
Just easy in her way
I spoke about going to Ireland
And how I wanted to carry her away.

She’s suppressed (without sin)
Weighted by rules
Fear in its making
Like this rain now making pools.

I wanted to take her, seemed natural to me
As if a thousand times we had before
A knowing a blessing a gift in this mating
And a longing for her, I had for more.

“Do what your doing it’s important” she said
Words of my mother I too was fed
Pick up your cross and bare its weight
Do it for others, this is your fate.

But now she has my number,
And I this poem I write
When muse the two came calling
And the cross this day made light.

She walks with us Leonard Cohen
For She’s in the song and the poem
To carry us on to forever
And lighting our way; until home!

2 Responses to “I Walk With You”

  • Cory Avera says:

    Hello Daniel, I am writing you because I have had some EXTREME sprititual experiences in my life and I need to know whether or not you remember me. I was in San Marcos, Tx @ 1998-1999. I worked at a restaurant called “The Blue Pearl”. I was a young guy, trying to go to school.. Wasn’t working for me. My family was in Georgia and I was very alone full of pent up emotion. Long story cut short, my life is going good at this point in time. I am currently living in Florida and working as a medical imaging technologist. For some unknown reason your name appeared in my mind while I was at work and I was propelled to “Google” you. I am pleasantly surprised to learn that you are actually a real person and not just an imagination of my time spent in TX. I believe that my experiences need to be shared with you.

  • Cory Avera says:

    Hello Daniel, Hope all is well with you. I did know Joanne, by the way..she was a very spiritual and intuitive person. Wish I Knew where she is now. know you from the Blue Pearl in San Marcos, TX.

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