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Copyright 2015, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

There’s sheep in fields
And running roads
And dogs the sheep
And fields they know
To take them where
And when to go
With eyes that look
And lend to show.

There’s wind and walls
And yes pink cheeks
Goats who own
A mountain peak
Phantasmagoria at its best
For this is Ireland
Its weather will test
Like Keats who kept it close to chest.

There’s music in its very soul
Lest days forgotten their lyrics hold
A test of time for it is bold
Like crashing waves worth more than Gold
So hear this song its history beats
With fish and farm its mystery keeps
For those of us to surely reap
Where soul and heart the Irish meet.

And now I end with something more
As with this pen these words I pour
With Muse that takes a special seat
As here we both now get to meet
Her name I know I know it well
An Irish Goddess I here can tell
For in this poem right from the start
Twas her that led me with her spark
I always know she leaves her mark
And lets me know, she’s home ; in heart.

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