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Reality Check 2012

Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

Drones phones buried bones
Picking plucking under tones
Firing fury without jury
Waving freedom end of story.

X-rays pepper sprays
Tazers lasers star gazes
Sheep sheared glass cages
Brains washed THE ages.

Seedy seeds mutant weeds
Laying down nose bleeds
Chem trails sky pales
Underneath breath inhales.

Chips scripts fear grips
Traces races silenced lips
Cops ops special forces
Stricter laws re enforces.

Ankle bracelets out paces
What’s left hiding places
Cyber davers info slavers
Geeks freaks wave creeps.

Gun preachers Christian teachers
Preying eyes no features
Cameras filming even warning
Without care people yawning.

Lamb of love has no place
New gene has replaced
Daily news sets the bate
Sorry mate, it’s too late!

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