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The Butterfly

Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

I had my eye on you
What else could my eye do
Than look at you.
You said: You looked at me.
What was it, we did see
Was it our destiny, or was it
Seeing something free.
Our past brought us here
Getting through the fear
And now; we look, we touch,
We feel. We kiss, we love, we heal.
We take, we give with life we live,
Knowing what is real; this seal.
And the music now begins
Forever with the wind.
Taking love within, sharing
Where it’s been.
Whether dusty plains
Or fields rich with grains
Without love restrained
Love falls like rain.

And the eye will show the heart
Together not apart, and play
Its sweeter sound, once more for
What it’s found.
And as day will turn to night
As night will to day
As words that have their right
When something they to say.
It’s more than just a mystery
When two they come to meet
For when the fruit is ripe
One must stop and eat.
You brought the fruit out in me
With words now set free
And that my friend was no mistake
It was destiny.
And there inside where dreams are kept
Just waiting to come out
Will again when love is felt
To overcome the doubt.
For love is love no matter what
Love cannot be told
It just is but also more
When two THAT love
Both hold…

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