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The Dream

Copyright, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

I need a dream and right now that dream is you.
Life takes life makes, rainbows in the dew.
Asleep we wake and then we take
The dream to make come true.
And right now that dream awake, is one I have
Of you.

I can’t respond as I did when
But what I have is patience (That’s a laugh)
And a dream that just won’t end.
I’ve been alone a long long time
Except for now and then
And so it is that I can see
Why I now just pretend.

To much of anything makes nothing special
Something we can feel….make real.
Like that dream that comes like a shooting star
And now and then, there you are. And grateful I am
With my whole being alive!
As when sun spots, and dragonflys.
See, everybody loses in the end
No matter what you do, or where you’ve been.
A chill here and there, love like that
Stays right here.

That day comes when you’re alone
Before that last breath you thought you owned.
But then it comes and you are gone
With all you had now burried with the bones.

Illusion is the soul mate, waiting.
Tricks of the mind that we draw.
Just isn’t real, that’s the score.
Just something seen in the minds eye
But in the end it too, will die.

The time will come when all is gone
There’s nothing left to carry on
Just another thought where and when
‘Cause everybody loses in the end
Like this dream I have for you;
I drew.

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