Latest Poetry

The Goddess

Copyright 2015, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

I saw you on the stage last night
Playing your violin
With a smile that touched
An inner light
That lit the room within.

I saw you back in 94
As my soulmate you appeared
But now I saw you as before
Except, now you were here.

A Gypsie girl, a traveler
Moving from town to town
With voice and violin and smile
It was you again I found.

A Romanian girl, of course you are
A member of that clan
Never to stay in just one place
And part of a traveling band.

But now, it all is clear to me
This love twas waiting for
You showed me there
Right on the stage
Illusions are the lure.

Yet, they are there, to take one Home
Through search, that I was shown
For that is when I realized
I never was alone.

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