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The Quiver

Copyright 2013, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

Our hug was real
From her quiver
I could feel,
And our kiss, our first
Came natural, not rehearsed.
Her eyes, like smile
Just her without disguise
Showing what is true
From her photo
That I knew.
Simple black and white
Like an outline it was quite
Her within.
A white lion from the East
A warrior for the peace
Crazy as the wind,
Free to make begin.

She said:
I want to know you
This takes time
Before I give you what is mine
Then take from you a poem
And with passion give it throne
A place where honor sits
Where hearts cannot resist
The love entwined that grew
Where there is no me or you
Just the poem and drawings too
In black and white to wait the few;
To quiver….

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