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The Soul Mate

Kaie in Ireland

Kaie in Ireland

Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

A Love Story Is A Moment That Captures Time
Now, Yours And Mine…
The Soul Mate.

Her profile in poetry…

She scrubs herself with coffee grounds
Her skin smooth as the flute is with sounds
Her hair one stops when it is let down
Her dress, she’s a gypsy freedom’s her gown.

The smell of morning with its first light
When earth’s perfume is there at its height
Like the scent of a lily when May has the right
These are her favourites their essence, Her quite.

Her passion are pictures she has the eye
For what she sees are scenes that hide
Her thoughts are clear refined as with glass
Playful sincere she’s a lady with class.

Her body is perfect as perfection will have
She is desire love’s most potent salve
Her colours are rainbow all have their place
One to the other she honours with grace.

Her looks are familiar as the soul is to fire
She needs nobody she walks someplace higher
The earth is her home and free to roam
She is its heart like that in this poem.

Her white horse waits on sand next to sea
It is her spirit pure and is free
Her lips hold a curious smile
She is a goddess Natures child.

She’s a mixture of all that’s ever been
Yet pure as light from where it begins
The love she wants has no doubt
It is everywhere when all about.

She’s sensitive fragile as a flower with frost
Yet strong as a seed in an apricot
She believes in destiny as with its fate
I know this is true, she is; my soul mate!

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