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The Whale

Copyright 2014, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

The cutting of two cords

I could not see what would unfold
And sad I felt its wake.
And so it is this story told
And one I could not fake.

It started in a dream one night
When slipped inside this whale
I didn’t know the meaning of
For dark I was to sail.

A year went by it seemed to fly
Till one day I could see
I came outside without the fire
That had its hold on me.

Now, the whale is dead after being fed
A mother she had been
And glad I am for her care
And carrying me again.

And now I’m back on dry land
Trying to understand
A place where I have never been
Alone where I must stand.

The fires out, the waves are gone
And don’t know if I can
But something’s changed without the flame
And just beginning to know;
This man.

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