Latest Poetry

Two To One

Copyright 2012, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

You brought me bread, and fed me with YOU,
Open and ready to explore.
Your hands soft woke in mine, a light that flickered
Pulsating time.

Your needs and wants poured from your heart
Quenching a thirst I already knew.
And the wheel our last, meant no turning back
While compassion for others, stays true.

It’s a mystical dance of self forgetting, losing oneself
As one’s own.
Taking a chance for something much greater
And up till now together unknown.

Hoping to enter that sea of silence, and there
Together be shown, through rapture and bliss
And THAT which is this, to know we’ve finally
Reached HOME, where no I, but just, free to roam.

Like an irish stream running on, bringing with it
An Irish song.

Like birds chirping glad of spring, a Sunday mass
Nature sings.

Like Bridget’s flower pocking through a green garden
Where she grew.

Like, this quiet road, she is there, free to roam
Everywhere! Because; she’s HOME!

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