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When Alone Again

Copyright 2012 DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

When you were gone and I was left alone
I was faced with feelings I was shown
At first they made me lonely thinking all the time
Until I saw thinking was only in my mind.

I’ve made this trip before and didn’t know the score
No more no more
My heart is just a token a station free and open
Secure secure

No one can make me happy no one can make me sad
A crowd or not it’s only thoughts passing as they had
And so this moment as I write feeling it in song
It doesn’t matter what I had I let it all move on.


(‘Cause the bells they are ringing there’s a breeze blowing in
There’s a curtain that is moving near the chair I’m sitting in
Feeling like I’m going feeling taken in heading torwards freedom
Carried by the wind.)

This love I feel I know is mine it’s here inside it’s there to find
And as I give as did then it still remains in me if when alone again

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