Latest Poetry

When Death Strikes

Copyright 2017, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

When death strikes
Close to home
And you feel like
You’ve been left alone.

When heartache
And that sorrow aches
And the heart driven
In by stake.

Then read again these words
Now written
Penned by one
These words now given

To let you know
That One was there
When you thought alone
With your despair

When there inside
Among the hidden
Woke with tears
For you so smitten
Who shared your hurt
And felt your pain
For you and THAT
Are one and same.

In every tear
In all that fell
Was one inside
I’m here to tell
You’re not alone
And never was
When through it all
And here spoke of
That knows your name
As stars above
And here to say
“It’s you I love in word and being
And now is written as one ; I’m seeing”…..

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