Latest Poetry

Without Walls

Copyright 2013, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.

She reads me a poem
I could have written.
Finally; to meet the missing!
Arian, a green eyed Goddess
With her spontaneous nature
There is no doubt, no walls
Just holes, seen, looking out.
I love you, I love you
Her body shouts, her soul being
All about.
Then tears of a past
Rain on day, letting go, of offspring
Lifetimes away.
Her taste is of Iris, this she knows
That comes from her Mystery
Where life first grows.
Totally enlightened, free without care
Just being herself, no matter who’s there.
I wear her jeans, ones she wore
Three months with baby, that left
This shore.
She talks about her orgasms
This word floats…flows from her lips
As easy as, and free as, one might about
The days weather, and; at the same time
The new love in her life.
The spine of her back awakens, exciting parallel
Universes, born from stars. Its forces matched,
As does the dust that settled, is again given new life,
Through fingers, and lips, and tongue, and;
That place of Mystery, reaching out, reaching in.
As she waits for the right seed, and her baby’s ; Return.

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