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You Are So So So Beautiful

Copyright 2013, DC Bianchino, All Rights Reserved.
Jesus, Mohammed, Buddhas, Shivas, and Marys

You are so so so beautiful
It wraps around me
Like shear indigo
I walk with it, I talk with it
I sleep with it.
Each breath I inhale is it
It fills me everywhere
It is without lie….Just is
It is there when I am with another
Not as a distraction, just as a part of me
Like a breeze that caresses me to feel
Like flowers when touched, and one and the
Other are the same.
And this, as I am brought along in the belly
Of the whale, in this life size body, yet, a new
Embryo as I travel blind inside waiting for this
Next birth….And that because YOU, are
So So So Beautiful….

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